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These are tunes I wrote and played. Mostly it's drums, bass, some guitar and mallets (marimba, vibes, xylophone) with very occasional piano. Any other instruments are triggered from my mallet controller via MIDI. This includes any vocalizations.

Definitely not commercial. Frank Zappa once asked "Does humor belong in music?" I think so.

Once Upon A Time This was written for my wife and performed and recorded during the summer of 2015. It includes piano, kit drums (using only three mics), bass, electric guitar, vibes and marimba. Rather short at two minutes.

The Return of Wayne Dangre is based on a tune I co-wrote with a friend when we were just out of college. It was written as a present for another friend of ours who was getting married. The main riff is as best as I can remember it. The original mallet line was done using tuned beer bottles but this version uses something more traditional. The middle solo is in keeping with the humorous nature of the piece.

Fun Is Where You Find It was composed on drums (all roto toms for this) and bass. The synth sounds were triggered from the drum kit. Everything else is via the mallet controller.

Suzie Goes Dancing. There's a long backstory to this but all I'll say is that the tune was written and recorded (all parts) in one afternoon in my basement. It's fairly straight forward except for the weird bass part (extra weird due to the effects processing).

Hoodie Too is based on a short melody that I came up with for my wife while we were kayaking one afternoon. I really need to remix this as the hi-hat is way too hot. I don't know what I was thinking at the time.

dy/dx=7/9 is somewhat of a mathematical joke. The tune is somewhat derivative (some elements of King Crimson), and I like 7th and 9th chords.

Timmy Umbwebwe Lights a Candle. Another long backstory but the title is partly inspired by a Carl Sagan quote.

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