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I call this "Hazelnut Bouquet", a pun on bokeh.
Those are hazelnut catkins and every tiny flower represents a hazelnut that the squirrels will get before we do.

Hazelnut catkins

Chicky Dee at our feeder in March.

My little chickadee

"That was a good joke!", said Mr. Barred Owl.

Owl Laugh

A specimen from along the Pine Creek Rail Trail in PA.


Nicks Lake in Autumn.

Nicks Lake

PineApple Tree

Pine Apple Tree

Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Familiar to many people as the backdrop of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
It was an impressive stop on a recent vacation. The tower is over 800 feet high.

Devil's Tower

Here we have P-Dog showing us how to do the tricky part.
There is a prarie dog town at the base of Devil's Tower. Go figure.

The Tricky Part

Badlands, South Dakota.


Mount Rushmore, Black Hills, South Dakota. (Duh)

The Boys

I call this one Giants Under the Sun. I snapped this from a moving car along I-80, probably Iowa.

Giants Under the Sun

This one is called Hey hay!. Also snapped from a moving car, I believe along I-90 and probably in Minnesota or maybe South Dakota.

Hey hay!

Some elk in Rocky Mountain National Park.


A panorama from Rocky Mountain National Park, somewhere around 11,000 feet up, in June.


    Fun Stuff and Weirdness
The question is, what quality of monster can you purchase for only $225?
I can't imagine it would be very monstrous. Especially if it's diesel powered.

Big D

This is a gong drum that I built. Not too weird but decidely fun. 20" Keller mapler shell with Tama hardware and  21" timpani head.
Entirely hand sanded, color matched to an existing drum kit using a combination of aniline dyes, with spray poly finish coats.

Gong Drum

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