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If you're looking for my instructional videos, they can be found on YouTube: Electronics with Professor Fiore

Once Upon A Time. This is the video of the tune of the same name. Written for my wife and recorded in 2015, I finally sewed the video together three years later.

The adventures of the subterranean chimpunk. This little critter was caught searching for sunflower seeds under the bird feeder in a patch of ajuga. They also do this in the winter, burrowing in the snow and making tunnels. The gray squirrels do likewise.

Trenton Falls flooding in Spring 2011. This is below the lower falls. Normally, most of the area to the right is bare slate.

Wally condo. A woodchuck decided to make a home in one of the drainage pipes on the retaining wall of a highway overpass. Hard to spot, but if you single frame it, you'll see the little marmot staring straight out.

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